Our fees valid from 1 April 2017. From 1 May 2017 all our fees will be subject to 20% VAT.

Individual tax returns and accounts preparation

  • From £75 for self-employed individuals with turnover below VAT threshold
  • From £55 for employees / directors of limited companies
  • From £120 for self-employed individuals with turnover over VAT threshold

Partnership tax returns and accounts preparation

  • From £75 for partner’s individual return
  • From £120 for partnerships with turnover below VAT threshold
  • From £180 for partnerships with turnover over VAT threshold

Limited companies

We will provide quotation with monthly price for limited company based on the services required. Our one monthly fee will include individual fees for payroll, vat, bookkeeping and any other services that will be required on regular basis. This fee will be periodically reviewed and changed whenever new service will be needed or service used will no longer be required, increased or amended. Our price range varies and starts from £37.50 per month for small company without payroll with straightforward financial affairs. For a quotation please email us following information:

  • number of employees/subcontractors
  • nature of trade and estimated yearly turnover
  • will you require bookkeeping service?
  • is the company vat registered and if yes is it registered on flat rate

We will assist your company in preparation of yearly accounts, submitting reports to Companies House (Confirmation Statement), preparation of Corporation Tax return and subject to company’s requirement:

  • payroll services
  • Construction Industry Scheme
  • VAT
  • Full bookkeeping service

Non-regular work including consultation in non-accounting matters, consultation for clients without regular services contract, one-off company return, verifying and correcting records upon client’s request due to the change of accountancy practice are subject to £80 per hour fee.

Assistance with social security and any non-accounting matters.

Following changes in social security system including introduction of Universal Credit our fees have changed from 1 April 2017. All non-accountancy matters will be handled by JTS Advisory Ltd and will be subject to hourly charge depending on the amount of work required. The initial assessment is based on £80 per hour mark. Estimated completion fee will be given for simple and straightforward cases and will be subject to a maximum price cap. More complicated cases will require paid assessment when advice of further steps necessary to complete the case will be given. Following the assessment estimated completion fee will be given.

Consultation meetings are subject to £80 per hour fee.

We are very experienced dealing with cases, which are usually regarded as ‘difficult and complicated’. We can help you with:

  • claiming unpaid salaries / holiday pay from your employer
  • claiming compensation for long waiting time for decision on your benefit
  • cancelling penalty charges imposed by HMRC
  • appealing decisions / claiming compensation through Tribunals service or HM Courts
  • advise on more complicated tax regulations

SAFI Advisory Services does not take any responsibility for delays, penalties or faults, which are beyond company’s reasonable control. This includes delays or mistakes caused by third party companies (i.e. Royal Mail, HMRC). However if other company’s action, negligence or unforeseen circumstances affect your case we will do all we possibly can to help you resolve any issues. In order for us to give you proper and accurate advice, we require from you to give us all necessary information to deal with your case. SAFI Advisory Services does not take responsibility for any outcome, actions, penalties, etc. caused directly by providing wrong or not disclosing to us required information.

 Prices are subject to change at any time. When our fees change we will endevour to update our website as soon as it is reasonably possible.