About the Company

SAFI Advisory Services was established in January 2009 and in September 2010 SAFI was incorporated as a private limited company. We have helped hundreds customers with their personal and financial affairs. We are highly recommended company and most (over 95%) of our customers decide to use our services again. SAFI Advisory Services is proud to offer its customers excellent service for competitive prices. SAFI Advisory Services uses ‘final prices’ policy, which means that our customers will never be charged hidden fees or additional costs for the same service. We charge only one fee regardless of number of forms, follow-up appointments or time required to complete the entire procedure. We offer you professional and complete advice and provide you with all necessary information in regards to your case.

Why should I choose Safi Advisory Services ?

  • We offer competitive prices for our services
  • We have knowledge from many fields; therefore our advice will be complete and will cover many aspects our competitors would not tell you about
  • We do not use hidden fees or additional charges
  • We offer very personal service; we will give you the advice most suitable to your circumstances and expectations
  • We will always explain to you everything you need to know about procedures regarding your case – you won’t just sign forms, you will understand all the processes